10 things we can all do to end gender violence. Stop Violence Against Women


1. Consider violence against the opposite sex as an all-embracing issue, involving men and women with all kinds of socio-economic and racial backgrounds.

2. If a brother, friend or partner mistreats his partner or is abusive towards women in general, do not ignore him, invite him to seek help or dialogue with a person who gives him appropriate guidance. Do not be silent.

3. Understand how your own attitude and actions can generate sexism and violence. Have the courage to look inside.

4. If you suspect that a woman you know is being abused or sexually assaulted, ask her if she wants help.

5. If you recognize yourself as violent and abusive towards women, or as it was in the past, seek professional help, act on behalf of your emotional and psychological health.

6. Be an ally of the people who are fighting to end all kinds of violence.

7. Recognize and speak out against homophobia and the mistreatment of homosexuals and lesbians. Discrimination and violence against people for thinking and / or acting differently are incorrect. This abuse is directly related to sexism (for example, men who speak out against sexism are often the object of homophobic abuse and this is one of the reasons why very few men do it).

8. Do not patronize sexism. Refuse to buy any magazine, rent any video or buy any music that presents women in a degrading or violent manner. Protest against sexism in the media.

9. Look for information on masculinity and gender inequality and the root of the problem of violence. Educate yourself and educate in the knowledge of social and cultural factors that originate this conflict and that affects women and men in your family.

10. Guide and teach young people about how to be men and women who live in peace, who do not admit violence, especially against girls and women in general. Take the lead by setting a good example. BE THE HERO IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!

It is important to recognize that domestic violence can happen between same-sex couples and against men in heterosexual relationships. Everyone deserves a life without violence.




Author: Maria E. Donnellan Mella

Clinical Psychologist - Activist Peta UK - Animals Rights - Vegan

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